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  1. Nov 01,  · Beria has long symbolized all the evils of Stalinism, haunting the public imagination both in the West and in the former Soviet Union. Yet because his political opponents expunged his name from public memory after his dramatic arres This is the first comprehensive biography of Lavrentii Beria, Stalin's notorious police chief and for many years /5.
  2. Beria synonyms, Beria pronunciation, Beria translation, English dictionary definition of Beria. Lavrenti Pavlovich Soviet secret police chief during the regime of Joseph Stalin.
  3. Perhaps the most intriguing portion of this book is the plot that Khrushchev successfully instigated and how it was carried out against Beria. Stalin's first Lieutenant had greatly underestimated Khrushchev, the former Ukrainian operative who fairly recently had been brought to Moscow by Stalin, and as the current head of the Secretariat had Cited by:
  4. Lavrentiy Beria: [hands an execution warrant to an NKVD officer] Shoot her before him, but make sure he sees it. [hands a second warrant to another officer] Lavrentiy Beria: Oh, and this one, kill him, take him to his church and dump him in the pulpit.
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  6. Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria was certainly one of the most vicious and mysterious figures of Stalin's era. He was born on March 29 (March 17 according to the Julian calendar), , to a poor Megrel (an ethnic group of Georgians) family in the village of Merkheuli, Abkhazia.
  7. Lavrentiy Beria started his career in state security and quickly rose through the ranks until he became the chief of the Georgian OGPU (the political police). Whilst ruthlessly putting down a Georgian nationalist uprising he was introduced to Joseph Stalin with whom he became a close ally assisting Stalin to maintain his grip on power.
  8. SOVIETS CHRONICLE DEMISE OF BERIA. By David Remnick. February 29, MOSCOW, FEB. 28 -- If there is a demon, a version of absolute evil, in the new version of Soviet history in the official.
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